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Every parent needs an extra pair of HANDS.

HANDS Program for New or Expecting Parents

Mothers and their Baby

Becoming a parent is a very challenging and demanding job. Now there is a program that can ease your worries, answer your questions and support you on your journey to being a successful parent. HANDS is a free, voluntary program that pairs families with a skilled home visitor. 

Your visitor will provide you information and tools needed to enhance your baby’s growth and development. The visits will provide enriching learning experiences for both parent and baby. 

HANDS believes that a child’s parents are the most important role model and teacher. We can assist families in reaching success in their journey of parenthood. Services are offered in Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalfe, Simpson, and Warren Counties. 

For more information about the HANDS program visit
Kentucky's HANDS website. For assistance getting enrolled contact:  

Tammy Drake at 270-781-8039 ext 132.

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